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OCT 21

This is the “official” logo for Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake!  Sony was kind enough to let us do the honors and unveil it (although you can catch a glimpse of it in some of the newer trailers out there).  But here it is in all of its high-rez glory for you to enjoy!

Click on the thumbnail.  DO IT! DO IT NOW!


How you choose to “enjoy” it is entirely up to you…but if whatever you do with it might be considered questionable in some circles, we don’t want to know about it.  It does involve delicious cake after all.

OCT 16

p>That’s right! We packed up and moved into some new digs! To prove it, here’s a picture of more packed up Wii Dev Kits than you can shake a stick at! Actually, I never understood that. You could shake a stick at literally anything you want to. So forget the sticks. They’re dangerous eye-poker-outers anyway. Stupid sticks.

Wii dev kits marching to the new office. Well, not marching on their own, but you get the idea. You do get the idea, right?

Wii dev kits marching to the new office. Well, not marching on their own, but you get the idea. You do get the idea, right?

Moving on, the new place is in Irvine. You can hit the old place with a rock from here. We might just do that! Or maybe we can just set up a big company rocks vs. sticks fight to usher in the new locale!

OCT 13

An illustrated look at World Domination! You will submit!


SuperVillain Studios – Monkey Bombs Away! from SuperVillain Studios on Vimeo.

SVS crashes head-on into Crew972 and the results speak for themselves! You haven’t heard (or seen) the last of us!


The New Hotness!


Greetings, Henchmen…errr, Henchpeople! Welcome to the new SuperVillain Studios website! Lots of exciting stuff is coming up for us, so we thought we’d kick it all off with a shiny new site! What do you think? Now it’s easier for us to share project news, artwork, videos, and other things that we have deemed important for you to include in your life.

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! If you ACT NOW, you can take advantage of a bunch of new features…ABSOLUTELY FREE! There it is! We just saved the economy!

Tell us how cool stuff is, or tell us how much our feet stink! Either way, we want to hear from you!

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