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NOV 23

Drainworks makes the iPhone Featured Games list! Check out the featured new releases and POW! There it is! Just like that. And for 99 cents, you can’t go wrong. Well, unless someone gave you 99 cents to do something wrong, then of course you could. But Drainworks is RIGHT! Do the right thing, kids!

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NOV 12

Hey look! It’s a fun puzzler brought to you by two of your favorite SuperVillains, Tom Swogger and Steve Ganem! Drainworks hits the App Store TODAY! Twist, touch and push your way through 48 levels across 4 distinct worlds to collect runaway water! Do it quickly and without losing a drop for maximum scores! Check out our Facebook page (link on the left column of the site) for a chance to win a free copy, which is 99 whole US cents less than retail, baby!

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