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Company Bio

Founded in January of 2004, SuperVillain Studios is bent on CONQUERING THE WORLD!

Our team is composed of experienced developers and management who hail from well-known companies such as Neversoft™, Blizzard™, and EA™, as well as talented younger developers from programs such as Full Sail University™, The Art Institutes™, and Animation Mentor™.

Corporate Monsters

Steve Ganem
Co-Founder | President
Industry Conspirator Since : 1996
Past Exploits :
Steve is a pioneer in console online game development and consulting, and was solely responsible for the online multi-player experience in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater franchise, including Pro Skater 3, the first-ever online PlayStation2 game (even ahead of Sony’s own Network Adapter). Steve is also an active contributor to, and mentor for the Computer Science program at Southern California’s UC Irvine.

As President and CTO for SuperVillain Studios, Steve oversees business and technical development across all of the studios’ titles, and is responsible for the creation and ongoing evolution of its proprietary cross-platform Automaton Engine™ technology.

Chris Rausch
Co-Founder | Chief Creative Officer
Industry Conspirator Since : 1993
Past Exploits :
Writing my own bio seems a bit obnoxious, but I don’t trust anyone else because they’re all out to get me! YOU’LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE! Anyway, here goes nothin’: Chris Rausch is a stunning example of the human male! An industry ICON, if you will, and just a terrific guy in the eyes of his mom. Chris’ work can be seen in a long list of games across many genres and platforms, including his work as one of the original members of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater franchise at Neversoft.

As CCO at SuperVillain Studios, Chris maintains creative direction across all of the studios’ projects, proposals, and various other ventures.

EDITOR’s NOTE: That part about Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is true, as is my mom thinking that I’m pretty terrific…but the ICON thing, not so much. And as for the stunning male thing, well…my wife thinks I’m handsome sometimes when I have to wear pants and a nice shirt!


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