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JUL 13

Hey, it’s one of those fancy movie things! And this one has Tower Wars in it! Check it out!

STEAM BETA TEST is going on NOW! Enter to WIN BETA KEYS to get a sneak peek at the game! Check out ALL of the Tower Wars sites for details and your best chance to win a Beta Key! 100% Indie! Get in and help us make this the best it can be!
Tower Wars Steam Group
Tower Wars on Facebook
Tower Wars on Twitter

MAY 11

WOW! Order Up!! To Go has served over 500 MILLION MEALS! A HUGE THANKS to all of the players and fans! With you’re continued support of the game, we’ll continue to push more fun content and all-new ways to enjoy Order Up!! And be sure to get the newly released UPDATE (1.3) for the new delivery man mini-game and other new features!


Get it on the APP STORE here!

Look for DOWNLOADABLE versions of the complete Order Up!! console game on the Playstation Store and the Nintendo 3DS eShop COMING SOON!

FEB 10

THANK YOU AGAIN to all of you playing and supporting Order Up!! To Go! To celebrate 2 MILLION downloads, we’re dropping the price on ALL RESTAURANTS! The SALE will run for 3 Days (today through Sunday), so get in while the gettin’s good! Still FUN!! Still FREE!!! And even more UPDATES coming soon!

A new picture! How about a click?
2 Meallion!!

Get it in the App Store NOW!

And, of course, for the FULL Order Up!! EXPERIENCE, check out the NEW VERSIONS on the Nintendo 3DS and Sony Playstion 3 (MULTI-PLAYER!)

EU and PAL territories from FunBox Media!
Playstation 3 OUT NOW!

North America from UTV Ignition Games!

JAN 19

Order Up!! To Go is now FEATURED on iTunes and the App Store! Check it out and help us drive it up the charts!

Click it already! GOOOOOOO!

Already got it? Let us know what you think!

You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter!


Water! Puzzles! Achievements! ZERO DOLLARS!!! For a limited time, Drainworks is FREE in the App Store for your downloading pleasure! Hurry! While virtual supplies last!

The App Store! I’D HIT IT!


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