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JAN 11


We hoooked up with Destructoid to give away copies of our Tron: Evolution PSP game and the first two T-Shirt designs from our friends at SVS Gear (coming very soon)! Click below to check out Destructoid’s contest! It’s as easy as a single Tweet to enter! Twitter…still figuring that one out. But, as it turns out, it’s pretty popular.


APR 26

Here’s an in-depth photo journalistic look back at the recent Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake “Media vs. Gamers” Tournament…which consists of 6 pictures taken on a cell phone!

Thumb the clicknails, people! We don’t have all day!

APR 15

Sony is putting together a Fistful of Cake Tournament where gamers will get to take on the media! Details are one the Playstation Blog. Follow the graphic link (that’s the picture below…we know the internet can be hard sometimes)!

Click Click Click Click Click Click…and so on…
Hey! Nice bridge you've got there!


Visit our cohorts at SVS Gear! The latest in rocket monkeys, giant robots, and other great worldly takeover swag! Shirts, toys, posters, featured artists and more! Stay tuned, loyal henchmen!

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