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We have teamed up with Transworld Skateboarding Magazine to take Endless Skater to new heights! FUN, FREE, and AVAILABLE NOW for iOS in the Apple App Store, and on Android through the Google Play Store, and the Amazon Appstore!


All-New Gameplay! All-New Challenges! New & Exclusive Tricks! New Soundtrack from No Sleep Records! And MORE! Pull off huge combos, blast big airs, and grab power-ups and bonuses to complete challenges, earn photos, and work your way up to the cover of Transworld Skateboarding Magazine!


Click it to magically teleport to the Steam Page! MAGIC!

JUL 14

Hey, it’s one of those fancy movie things! And this one has Tower Wars in it! Check it out!

STEAM BETA TEST is going on NOW! Enter to WIN BETA KEYS to get a sneak peek at the game! Check out ALL of the Tower Wars sites for details and your best chance to win a Beta Key! 100% Indie! Get in and help us make this the best it can be!
Tower Wars Steam Group
Tower Wars on Facebook
Tower Wars on Twitter


Follow us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER to keep up with the latest on our upcoming game TOWER WARS! Concept to completion peek at the Brute! This mighty Tin Man looks friendly enough, until he starts pounding down your castle walls!


JUN 28

Follow us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER to keep up with the latest on our upcoming game TOWER WARS! Here is a look at some of the concept development behind another one of the game’s characters! Not to be taken lightly, the Shielder offers added protection to all of the troops around her!


JUN 21

Follow us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER to keep up with the latest on our upcoming game TOWER WARS! How about a look at some of the characters that you’ll meet in the game? These are some of the many units that you’ll be assembling and upgrading to create your UNSTOPPABLE ARMY! Well…until your opponent stops you and you have to rethink and upgrade your lineup further to counteract their defenses…but still.



It’s finally official! SuperVillain Studios is proud to announce their next original title! Tower defense meets Tower OFFENSE in Tower Wars! Steam/PC leads the way this Summer, with information on console and Mac versions coming soon!

Check out the Official Press Release!


How about a few screenshots? Click and behold as they magically grow! You don’t even need to put them in water! Watch as the Blue Castle’s troops attempt to make their way through the Red Castle’s fiendish maze, including a turn around the dreaded Lava Tower!

But the Tin Man NEVER SAYS DIE! Well, mostly because he doesn’t actually talk.




And be sure to check out the official Tower Wars Facebook Page and Twitter Thing!

FEB 13

Well look at that! A great looking trailer for the best looking version of Order Up!! This is the only place you’ll see the wacky STORY MODE or play ALL-NEW MULTI-PLAYER! While we’re at it, how about new restaurants, characters, and some EYE-POPPING 3D! (Note: Your eyes will not actually pop…so no worries there).

EU and PAL territories from FunBox Media!
Playstation 3 OUT NOW!

North America from UTV Ignition Games!

FEB 10

THANK YOU AGAIN to all of you playing and supporting Order Up!! To Go! To celebrate 2 MILLION downloads, we’re dropping the price on ALL RESTAURANTS! The SALE will run for 3 Days (today through Sunday), so get in while the gettin’s good! Still FUN!! Still FREE!!! And even more UPDATES coming soon!

A new picture! How about a click?

2 Meallion!!

Get it in the App Store NOW!

And, of course, for the FULL Order Up!! EXPERIENCE, check out the NEW VERSIONS on the Nintendo 3DS and Sony Playstion 3 (MULTI-PLAYER!)

EU and PAL territories from FunBox Media!
Playstation 3 OUT NOW!

North America from UTV Ignition Games!

JAN 31

p>A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone playing Order Up!! To Go! And, as you can see, there are a LOT of you! So who’s up for 2 Million??? Tell your friends! Still FUN!! Still FREE!!! And more UPDATES coming soon!

Hey! A picture to click on!

1 Meallion!

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