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It’s finally official! SuperVillain Studios is proud to announce their next original title! Tower defense meets Tower OFFENSE in Tower Wars! Steam/PC leads the way this Summer, with information on console and Mac versions coming soon!

Check out the Official Press Release!


How about a few screenshots? Click and behold as they magically grow! You don’t even need to put them in water! Watch as the Blue Castle’s troops attempt to make their way through the Red Castle’s fiendish maze, including a turn around the dreaded Lava Tower!

But the Tin Man NEVER SAYS DIE! Well, mostly because he doesn’t actually talk.




And be sure to check out the official Tower Wars Facebook Page and Twitter Thing!

FEB 24

NEW Original Project Announcement NEXT WEEK!

New Project news getting closer!

FEB 20

NEW Original Project revealed soon!

New Original project revealed soon!

DEC 21

2012 is shaping up to be a very busy year for our ever-growing army of primate propagandists and super-sized sentinels! While they work tirelessly around the clock to deliver our latest and greatest secret weapons, we remain steadfast in our efforts to mostly sit around and drink tasty cold drinks while we point at them and tell them to work harder and faster, and with less screw-ups! It’s because we know that you, our loyal henchmen and henchwomen, deserve only the best!

Look for the triumphant return of Order Up!! on new platforms in January, and look for us to ANNOUNCE A BRAND NEW GAME soon after that! Dare we say something like “w00t?!”

Click for World Peace! (actually, it just makes the picture bigger)


BONUS! If we manage to break 500 likes/fans on our Facebook Page, we’ll be giving away a few presents of our own!

We also have one of those Twitter thingies, if that’s more your speed.

MAY 18

p>Welcome to Kung Fusion! There’s a new hot spot in Order Up!! Whip up your favorite pseudo-arguably-Asian-inspired dishes and meet our new waiter, Harry! He’s quick and deadly…ERRR, friendly…we meant friendly!

Click to inflate


p>Lots of fun things happening with our friends from the island of Port Abello! Stay tuned, because we aren’t stopping here!


JUN 10


E3 SVS Disney PSP

MAY 20

…because it could mean something.
…or it could mean nothing.
…or it could be something good, which ends up being nothing.
…or it could be nothing (but still good), which ends up being something…also still good.


…or it could just make you chuckle (also still good) because that happens now and then.

Click it already!



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