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Check out Fistful of Cake on Electric Playground Daily! EP got the scoop on the portable Princesses at Sony’s recent Media vs. Gamers tournament. Check out the whole episode for May 6th, or get right to business on either of the Fistful of Cake links on their page.

FP on EP!


Fistful of Cake has FINALLY hit the Playstation store TODAY for North America! UMDs should be in stores today and tomorrow, depending on where you go!

Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake invades your PSP TODAY!

APR 26

Here’s an in-depth photo journalistic look back at the recent Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake “Media vs. Gamers” Tournament…which consists of 6 pictures taken on a cell phone!

Thumb the clicknails, people! We don’t have all day!

APR 23

How about a Fistful of 5 things out of a possible 5 of those same things?


5/5 = 1 Kick @ss review score!

APR 15

Sony is putting together a Fistful of Cake Tournament where gamers will get to take on the media! Details are one the Playstation Blog. Follow the graphic link (that’s the picture below…we know the internet can be hard sometimes)!

Click Click Click Click Click Click…and so on…
Hey! Nice bridge you've got there!

MAR 19

Click this NOW!
Little red men floating in the sky!

MAR 17

Our first review is in! It’s full of nice things you say when you like something! Guess what that means!

Stop reading this, and start reading this:

MAR 17

Hey! Look at that! Thanks to one of the regulars on our comment threads (Whiskasfan), this is the first time any of us here at SuperVillain have actually seen the box!.

All the cool kids say w00t!

Cakeful of FISTS!

MAR 15

p>Hot cake would be weird, huh? Warm cake is really good! Hot cake is probably a bad idea though. Also, dropping cake is probably a bad idea too…especially if your parents yell at you because they just cleaned up the last gigantic mess you made because you are a butter fingers. Use two hands already!

So, in hindsight, ignore the title of this post because it is full of bad ideas and we don’t want to be the ones to lure young minds into the torrid world of hot cake and kitchen floor messes!

But, DO check out the videos that Gamespot posted during their recent GDC coverage!

Fancy Graphic Link Instructions:
– Place mouse pointer over logo and gently press “left” button.
– Mac users gently press “only” button on those crazy one-button meeces.
Gamespot L to the O to the G to the O


Sweet! IGN posted some quick videos of Fistful of Cake! The game is right around the corner now, but it’s always nice when people do some of the work for you (capturing PSP video is a pain if you don’t have a proper video department)!

Click the high-tech logo link!

Or the low-tech obvious link…

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