SuperVillain Studios Secret Headquarters is located atop the lofty 700 story Tower of Power in the heart of Super City! Well, OK, we're on the second floor of an office building in Southern California.

SuperVillain Studios
3951 S. Plaza Dr.
Suite 220
Santa Ana, Ca 92704

For business inquiries, contact us at
For media inquiries, contact us at

All Villains wishing to gain entry into the Inner Circle of SuperVillain Studios must demonstrate the necessary abilities. All villains that fail to gain access may elect to undergo rigorous training and punishment under the tutelage of Master Whiplash the Monkey for the transformation into either Flying Monkey Henchmen or Labor Automatons.

We are feverishly working towards the Fall ’06 ship date of our current title Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony for the PSP, and we are actively planning our company’s growth and movement onto our next projects.

We are actively reviewing resumes in the following areas: