Pravin Wagh - (Programmer)
Pravin is an industry veteran with over 12 years of game development experience. During his career, Pravin has worked on a large number of titles and gained experience on everything ranging from classic 2D games to cutting-edge modern 3D titles. After getting his start at Sega, Pravin moved on to companies like Kronos and Point of View. Most recently, Pravin could be found at Westwood College, teaching Bachelorís Degree courses in software development and game programming.

Pravinís experience ranges across most aspects of game programming and includes rendering, audio streaming, particles, special effects, high-level player logic, enemy logic, tools, plug-ins and support.

Some of the titles to Pravinís credit include Spawn: Armageddon, Scorpion King, Cardinal Syn, and Eternal Champions, while the complete list is far longer than that.

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