Steve Ganem - (Co-Founder and Technical Director)
Steve Ganem is a pioneer in console online game development and support. Ganem is solely responsible for the online multi-player experience in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater franchise, including THPS3, the first-ever online PlayStation2 game.

A game industry fixture since 1995, Ganem specializes in several areas of programming, including Engine, Graphics and Tools. His cutting-edge work in online console development has resulted in speaking opportunities at industry conferences and published articles on the subject of console networking. Ganem was also responsible for the development of the tools currently used in Neversoft’s PS2 > Xbox > Gamecube engine. Additionally, several of Activision’s internal developers use the Neversoft engine and tools for various products, including MTX: Mototrax, Wakeboarding: Unleashed and Disney Skate Adventure.

Previous published credits include multiple titles in the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Franchise (3, 4, Underground 1 & 2, Remix and American Wasteland), MTX: Mototrax, NOX, Golden Nugget 64 and X-Men Legends II.

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