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p>Lots of fun things happening with our friends from the island of Port Abello! Stay tuned, because we aren’t stopping here!


JAN 11


We hoooked up with Destructoid to give away copies of our Tron: Evolution PSP game and the first two T-Shirt designs from our friends at SVS Gear (coming very soon)! Click below to check out Destructoid’s contest! It’s as easy as a single Tweet to enter! Twitter…still figuring that one out. But, as it turns out, it’s pretty popular.


DEC 16

Surprise! We couldn’t talk about this one until it was released today! Just in time to play it while you wait in line for the movie! And only 99 cents!

Race Light Cycles! Fly Recognizers! Challenge Friends! Leaderboards and Achievments! Turns your iPhone into SOLID GOLD!!! That last bit was a bold-faced lie. Sorry.

Tron: Legacy now on iOS!

DEC 13

Good help is so hard to find…

(Clickety Click!)


Be sure to check out our Facebook Page! We’ll be giving away a few presents very soon!


IN STORES TODAY! TRON: Evolution for PSP! A completely unique experience for PSP and PSP GO, available on UMD or via Playstation Store download! Fly a Recognizer! Blow stuff up in a Light Tank! Race Light Cycles! And MORE!


NOV 23

Drainworks makes the iPhone Featured Games list! Check out the featured new releases and POW! There it is! Just like that. And for 99 cents, you can’t go wrong. Well, unless someone gave you 99 cents to do something wrong, then of course you could. But Drainworks is RIGHT! Do the right thing, kids!

Click for the official site!


NOV 12

Hey look! It’s a fun puzzler brought to you by two of your favorite SuperVillains, Tom Swogger and Steve Ganem! Drainworks hits the App Store TODAY! Twist, touch and push your way through 48 levels across 4 distinct worlds to collect runaway water! Do it quickly and without losing a drop for maximum scores! Check out our Facebook page (link on the left column of the site) for a chance to win a free copy, which is 99 whole US cents less than retail, baby!

Click for the official site!


We don’t know about you, but all of this footage and music from the new Tron: Legacy film has us counting the days until it hits theaters! But BEFORE that, catch of glimpse of the new world when the Tron: Evolution games hit the shelves early next month!

PRO TIP: We hear the PSP game is particularly sweet! (Click to Elargenize!)


Check out Daft Punk’s “Derezzed” from Tron: Legacy

JUN 15

“A familiar face from the outside world has organized the first Grid Games Tournament of Champions in TRON: Evolution PSP. Players advance and customize their character as they compete in an extensive series of action-packed game grid challenges, ranging from intense light cycle racing, to light disc combat. Players can battle and compete with up to four friends in multiple head-to-head matches and play modes. Players can also unlock exciting bonus content that is sure hit home with TRON fans. TRON: Evolution PSP is being developed by SuperVillain Studios.”


Link – Official Press Release

JUN 10


E3 SVS Disney PSP

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